Royal Mail Prices & Franking Savings 2018/19

From Monday 26th March the 2018/19 Royal Mail tariff changes take effect.

Royal Mail stated that: “many companies and households are finding it hard in the current economic environment. As a result, we have considered any pricing changes very carefully and in doing so have sought to minimise any impact on our customers.”

However, they also said that “increases were needed to ensure the sustainability of the service and that UK stamps still represent good value compared to the rest of Europe”.

The price of both first class and second class standard letters has risen by 2p to 67p and 58p respectively. For large letters costs have risen by 3p now priced at £1.01 for first class and 79p for second class. Here are a few of the highlights:

First Class Second Class
Mail Item Stamped Price Standard Franking Price Mailmark Franking Price Stamped Price Standard Franking Price Mailmark Franking Price
Standard Letter (up to 100g) 67p 60p 57p 58p 44p 39p
Large Letter (101-250g) £1.40 £1.31 £1.25 £1.26 £1.02 96p
Large Letter (501-750g) £2.60 £2.44 £2.30 £2.22 £1.86 £1.78
Small Parcels (up to 1kg) £3.45 £3.22 £3.22 £2.95 £2.72 £2.72
Medium Parcels (1- 2kg) £8.95 £7.62 £7.62 £5.05 £4.62 £4.62


Savings with Franking Machine

The good news is that there are still significant savings to be made by franking your mail rather than using stamps. The below table outlines some of the savings available with a Mailmark franking machine and what this could mean for your business over time.

First Class Savings Second Class Savings
Mail Item Per Mail Item 100 items 500 items 1000 items Per Mail Item 100 items 500 items 1000 items
Standard Letter (up to 100g) 10p £10.00 £50.00 £100.00 19p £19.00 £95.00 £190.00
Large Letter (101-250g) 15p £15.00 £75.00 £150.00 30p £30.00 £150.00 £300.00
Large Letter (501-750g) 30p £30.00 £150.00 £300.00 44p £44.00 £220.00 £440.00
Small Parcels (up to 1kg) 23p £23.00 £115.00 £230.00 23p £23.00 £115.00 £230.00
Medium Parcels (1-2kg) £1.33 £133.00 £665.00 £1,330.00 43p £43.00 £215.00 £430.00


Need a Franking Machine?

If your business isn’t currently using a franking machine you could be missing out on these savings. To find out how much a franking machine for your business would cost you can request free, no obligation quotes right now.

We can arrange for up to 3 no obligation quotes from the UK’s most trusted franking machine providers. Complete the form below and get quotes within 1 hour!

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