Why You Should Rent a Photocopier

What are the benefits of renting a photocopier?

Why You Should rent a photocopierRenting a photocopier is a very popular option for companies of all sizes and across a range of industry sectors. Some may presume that renting a photocopier is only an option for smaller companies with limited budgets, but the reality is that photocopier rental can include several other benefits that even larger companies can take advantage of.

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Affordable payments
The main benefit of renting is the avoidance of a hefty one off payment. Rental agreements usually involve monthly payments that are relative to the volume of printing you’ll require and the functionality of the machine. These regular payments enable you to avoid the long term financial commitment of a lease or the pressure of a large one off purchase and manage your budget effectively.

A rental agreement means that you don’t need to commit a large amount of money to purchasing a machine that will depreciate in value or enter into a long term lease contract. Rental agreements are usually on a month to month basis and can be cancelled with a month’s notice. That means if your business’ needs or budget changes you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the arrangement easily.  The flexibility of the rental arrangement means that you can easily adjust the size and functionality of the machine you rent. For example, if you have a busy period of high production you can spend a little more on a high capacity model, but then scale it back to a more basic machine at other times.

Latest technology
By renting a copier system you have the opportunity to bring the latest technology with the high price tag into your business through affordable monthly payments. With efficient and high quality copying and printing you can ensure your business is on a level playing field with the big budget companies.

Maintenance and Support Packages
Many rental agreements will include maintenance and servicing as part of the monthly fee. This means that should you have a technical issue with the machine you won’t need to pay extra, unexpected costs. It should also mean that repairs are swift and you can get operations up and running again sooner rather than later. It can also include some supplies such as toner and any replacement parts it may need. However, you will be responsible for supplies like paper and staples as needed.

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Improved operations
Introducing top of the line equipment into your everyday operations will result in quicker processes, greater efficiency and increased production levels. By spending less time dealing with inadequate equipment or compromising on the quality of the product, you can concentrate on building your business.

Something to think about…

When compared to leasing, rental payments tend to be higher and therefore more suited to short term projects. The rental agreement will usually have a limit on the volume of printing you can do per month. If you have to exceed this there may be extra charges.

If your company is in need of a copier system for a year or more it may make more sense to looking at a photocopier lease. They generally involve a minimum contract of 3 years but for this reason the payments are lower.

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