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Photocopier rental
Not all companies require access to a photocopier on a long term basis. For this reason the purchase or longer term lease of a top quality machine can be an unnecessary expense and this is where photocopier rental comes into its own.

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What is Photocopier Rental?

Renting or hiring a photocopier enables a business to access the most up to date technology as and when it’s needed, whether it’s for a few hours or a few months. While a photocopier lease involves a long term contract, renting a photocopier is usually done on a month to month contract and can be cancelled at any time.

By entering into a photocopier rental agreement you could benefit from:

  • Efficient delivery and installation
  • Service and maintenance (included in a single monthly fee)
  • Professional setup and training for you and your staff
  • Flexible rolling contract giving you access to a variety of photocopiers of varying functionality to suit your business
  • A bespoke, affordable payment plan that gives you flexible access to the latest technology with no long term contract.

Advantages of Photocopier Rental

Access the latest technology
A copier rental arrangement usually involves a monthly fee which enables businesses to access the highest quality equipment that, as an outright purchase, wouldn’t be affordable.

Flexible arrangements
Rather than entering a long term lease that you are obliged to complete, a rental agreement is usually a rolling, month to month arrangement that can be cancelled when either the machine isn’t needed or it’s no longer financially viable. Renting also means you can upgrade or downgrade the photocopier as needed; you can vary the size, functionality and price of the machine as the demands of your business change.

Service and maintenance Included
For your monthly rental fee in most cases you will also have access to replacement toner, on call technical support and a regular maintenance service. That provides you with real peace of mind that if something does go wrong you can get your operations up and running again with minimal delays.

Package deals
Your monthly rental fee will usually cover the cost of any supplies, servicing or technical support needed while the machine is in your possession. That means no surprise costs down the line so you can manage your budget accordingly.

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Disadvantages of Photocopier Rental

As a copier rental agreement is an ongoing arrangement that can be cancelled at any time, and usually shorter, the monthly fees are generally higher than leasing. For this reason, long term rentals can often be more expensive than an outright purchase.

Making the Right Choice for your Business

Assuming that you’ve already decided that purchasing a photocopier outright is not the best option for your business, you’ll need to make a choice between renting or leasing. Even if you do decide on a more short term rental arrangement there are some important things to consider before making your choice.

Take a test drive
Before you settle on a particular machine the best thing to do is to get a demonstration of the photocopier in action and the quality of the prints it produces. That’s the only way you can be sure that the machine is up to the standard your business requires.

Functionality and capacity
It’s important to give some real consideration to your business’ needs. Some companies may need the flexibility of a Multifunction printer / photocopier while others will be perfectly served by a standalone model. Do you need a colour printer? How many copies will you be needing per month? Are you going to be using it for promotional materials to show customers?

If your business doesn’t need a photocopier the whole year round then renting is the better option over leasing. If, for example, you have periods of fluctuation in your printing needs it’s easy to swap a basic machine for something with a quicker printing rate temporarily. Some advanced, more costly models also incorporate faxing and binding among other features. By upgrading your equipment temporarily you can access the best technology without having to commit to the expense long term.

Get multiple quotes
The cost of renting a particular model of photocopier will vary from supplier to supplier. By sourcing more than one quote for the same model you can be sure you’re getting a competitive deal and potentially save a significant amount of money.

Costs of Photocopier Rental

The cost of your photocopier will usually be relative to the volume of copies it produces and will be calculated on a cost per copy basis (from around 0.005p per copy). For photocopiers capable of producing around 750 copies per month the monthly could start as low as £25. For the highest volumes of 40,000 copies and a full range of functionality (e.g. scanning, binding, faxing) prices could be £200 per month or more.

Need Photocopier Prices?

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It’s important to check all the quotes you receive for the small print. Some providers may advertise a low monthly rental fee as a headline offer but in reality this rate may only be available once you’ve paid a significant upfront deposit. And often maintenance charges are not be included in the per copy charge so even if you’re not printing there will be a payment to be made. Make sure you clarify the total costs and compare the quotes you receive on a like for like basis.

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