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Investing in your business.

Photocopier purchase
When purchasing a photocopier for your business it’s important to treat it as a long term investment. The photocopier you choose should be able to stand the test of time. Even if a lower cost, basic machine is all that’s required now, it’s possible that your business will grow and expand over time. The last thing you want is to invest a significant amount of money into an asset which can’t meet your business’ needs and will depreciate in resale value.

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Advantages of Purchasing a Photocopier

Investment in a business asset
When searching online for photocopiers for sale, you must remember that you are acquiring an asset for your business that will continue to benefit your business for many years to come. Photocopiers do retain their value pretty well, so your copier can always be sold at a later date.

No contracts or monthly outgoings
If you can afford to pay for the machine upfront you avoid the need to enter into the long term financial obligation of a photocopier lease that is difficult to escape and you don’t need to budget for monthly rental payments.

Lower long term cost
Leasing or renting a photocopier over a long term period rather than paying upfront will almost always mean you pay a higher total price than the market value of the machine.

Disadvantages of Purchasing a Photocopier

Large upfront cost
Many businesses find that they cannot afford the upfront cost for the level of technology they require. In this instance it’s not advisable to opt for an affordable, more basic model just to save money. Overworking a machine that is not built to meet your capacity needs will result in poor efficiency and eventually breakdowns and errors. Renting or leasing a photocopier is a popular alternative for businesses with restricted funds.

Depreciating asset
Technology is continually moving on and manufacturers bring out new improved machinery on a regular basis. This means your photocopier will depreciate in resale value over time.

Extra cost of maintenance and supplies
While renting and leasing agreements usually include maintenance and supplies like toner as part of the payment package, if you purchase your own machine you will need to factor these in as additional costs. If the machine breaks down you will need to organise and pay for the technical support.

No technology upgrades
Once you’ve committed to your photocopier of choice you can’t upgrade as your business becomes busier or expands. Renting and leasing agreements offer much more flexibility in this way.

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Making the Right Choice for your Business

Purchase, Lease or Rent?
The decision to purchase, lease or rent a photocopier will more than likely come down to your business’ budget. If you have the funds to purchase the photocopier your operation needs outright then you may well decide that this is the simplest way to proceed i.e. avoiding long term financial commitments.

However, even if you have the funds for an upfront purchase, there are several reasons why renting or leasing may still be a preferable option. The main benefits include ongoing maintenance and technical support and the option to upgrade / downgrade the machinery as your business’ needs fluctuate. A machine that is adequate now may not have the capacity or technology you need as you expand further down the line.

Choosing the right photocopier
It’s important to consider both what your business needs today and where it could or will be at a later date. A good rule of thumb is to calculate your current printing volumes over an average month and increase this by 15-30% to allow for future growth. Opting for a machine that can only just cover your current output could mean you are forced to put too much strain on the machine which could lead to breakdowns.

Do you need a colour printer? Inkjet or laser printing? The functionality on offer today varies from a standalone photocopier and / or printer to a Multifunction photocopier (MFP) which can also perform scanning, faxing, binding, printing from email and more. Do you need a variety of paper sizes and how efficient does the machine need to be?

Service Contracts
It’s possible to purchase servicing contracts when you buy a photocopier outright. If you’re considering this as an option make sure you’ve asked for clarification on the following points:

  • If the contract covers ‘parts’ you should ask specifically what this refers to as it will vary from provider to provider
  • Is there a limit on the parts and labour costs covered?
  • If the photocopier were to break beyond repair would a replacement be provided?
  • Is the technical support offered local and what are the days / times that they are available?
  • Will the cost of the servicing contract increase over time?

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How much does a photocopier cost?

The price of a basic standalone photocopier / printer could be as little as a few hundred pounds but these models are generally intended for domestic use. For businesses with a need for multiple functions and higher capacity the cheapest models start from just under £1,000 but could be as much as £20,000 or more!  In addition, if you purchase your machine outright, you will be responsible for purchasing the supplies and any maintenance needed.  It is possible to purchase a second hand machine which will significantly reduce the price. However, as you’d expect, this often means you will be spending more money on repairs in the long term.

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No business wants to pay more than is necessary, but it’s equally important that you don’t compromise when it comes to quality. To find the best deal on your new photocopier we recommend that you compare multiple quotes and ask as many questions as possible.

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