Benefits of Photocopier Rental

Even the biggest businesses may choose to rent their photocopier and here’s why...

benfits of photocopier rental
More and more businesses are choosing to rent a photocopier over leasing or buying a machine outright. Through copier rental, you avoid a large upfront expense which is a great incentive for businesses without a deep budget, but that is not the only benefit of renting.

Flexible contracts


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Once you’ve purchased a photocopier you have committed to that model for your business now and in the future. When leasing you are entering a predetermined contract which is usually long term. If you decide the machine is no longer right for your needs you will have to incur a large fee to change. Renting is far more flexible allowing you to upgrade, downgrade or cancel your agreement at any time with a short notice period.

Fast, free installation & training

As part of your rental agreement the supplier will deliver and install the equipment before training your staff how to use it effectively. This is usually all included in the monthly copier rental fee. It’s not only far more convenient but means you get training from those best qualified to do so. The result is your staff will be able to make the most of the machine’s functionality and you don’t waste valuable time getting everyone up to speed through trial and error!

Less risk

Renting is not the only way to avoid the large upfront cost of a photocopier purchase. Another alternative to purchasing a photocopier is to take out a photocopier lease but this involves a longer term financial contract of 12 months or more. A rental agreement isn’t a contract in the same way. It can cover a period of a few days to a few months and can usually be cancelled with as little as 30 days notice.

Improves cash flow

By eliminating the need for a large expense, you can keep your cash where you need it: in your business’ account. This is particularly important for start-up businesses where cash flow can be a real issue. You could even choose to invest the money you haven’t had to spend on a photocopier on something that will help your business grow in other ways such as more stock or marketing.

Tax advantages

Renting a photocopier is treated as a regular business cost which can be more beneficial than capital allowances for bigger businesses.

Easily return to supplier

Because the contracts are so flexible if for some reason you no longer need the photocopier or it’s not the right machine for your business you can easily cancel the agreement and return it to the supplier. This is not possible without incurring significant fees when you are leasing a photocopier. And, if you’ve purchased a photocopier, it is much harder to find a buyer and it will probably have depreciated in value since you bought it.

Need Photocopier Prices?

Get 4 Quotes within 1 Hour

Upgrade the machine as needed

A huge advantage of month to month rental agreements is the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade your machine as needed. If you only need a basic printer and photocopier for 9 months of the year then you can pay the lower fees. Then, when the busy season kicks off, you can spend a little more on a higher capacity, multi-functional machine to cope with demand. Unlike leasing agreements, a rental arrangement will not charge you a fee to do this.

Simple all inclusive fee

Keep things simple with a single, affordable fee. It’s usually paid on a monthly basis but can be quarterly and includes everything: the machine, regular professional servicing, on call repairs and technical support. Usually, all you need to buy is the paper and you’re good to go!

Complete support package

If the photocopier you’ve purchased breaks down, you have the headache, expense and possibly lengthy task of tracking down an engineer. By renting it, you don’t need to worry about breakdowns or technical issues as the supplier remains completely responsible. If it can’t be fixed the machine will usually be replaced.

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