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Franking post boxes will only accept franked mail items i.e. not letters or parcels which have been stamped.

Franked mail does not need to be processed at a sorting office and so using a franking post box rather than a standard post box is quicker for businesses. Some standard post boxes include a ‘Franked Mail’ slot in addition to a ‘Stamped Mail’ slot, while some are designated as ‘Franked Mail’ only.

There are not many franking post boxes in the country. To locate your nearest franking post box contact the Royal Mail Business Support line on 08457 950950. You’ll be asked to provide your postcode so they can inform you of the closest post boxes to you.

How to Send Franked Post

You don’t necessarily need a franking post box in order to send your franked mail as you can send a small volume via standard post boxes. If you are sending 30 pieces of mail or less you can pop them in a franking outer envelope and send them as you would send ‘normal’ stamped post. This is only really suitable if you’re not sending post more than once a day.

Alternatively, you can visit your local Post Office to send franked items. However, if you’re producing a high volume of post this may not be a viable option. For businesses with a larger mail output the Royal Mail will collect the franked mail from your premises for a fee. If you spend more than £15,000 per year on postage they will do this for free.

Franking Machine Savings

Franking your business’ post is cheaper than stamps and depending on how much mail you send out these savings can add up to a significant amount of money. For example, franking a 1st class small parcel is 23p cheaper than sending it with a stamp in 2018.

Franking machines can automatically process your mail with many able to seal envelopes, print addresses, logos and marketing messages, weigh and frank each item. The highest capacity machines can do this at speeds of up to 180 items per minute. The lower capacity machines tend to process at speeds of 20 items per minute which should be perfectly adequate for small businesses.

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Franking Machine Costs

Whether you run a small, medium or large business there will be a franking machine to suit your needs. Some businesses prefer to invest in their own equipment and handle the ongoing maintenance themselves while others prefer the flexibility of a rental agreement which often also includes a servicing arrangement.

To purchase franking machine outright you are looking at an upfront cost of at least £1,000 for a basic model up to £20,000 or more for the most powerful machines. The type of machine you select should suit the volume of mail you send:

Average Items of Mail (per day) Type of Franking Machine Average Price*
Up to 30 Low volume £995-£3,000
20 – 100 Mid volume £3,000 – £8,500
100-1000s High volume £8500 – £21,500+

The good news is that it’s not necessary to purchase a machine as there are a huge number of suppliers offering machines on rental or lease agreements. This means you can spread the cost via monthly payments. Rental agreements start from as low as £15 per month for businesses sending less than 50 items of mail a day.

Average Items of Mail (per day) Volume Level Category Monthly Lease Cost (exclu. VAT) Total Paid in Lease Over 3 Years
30 or less Low volume £20 – £30 £720 – £1,080
20 – 100 Mid-volumes £40 – £50 £1,440 – £1,800
30 – 500 Mid / High volume £50 – £80 £1,800 – £2,880
500 – 1000s High volume £85-£400+ £3,060-£14,400+

Other ongoing costs such as ink, credit top up fees and servicing should also be taken into consideration when comparing franking machine quotes.

*Intended as representative figures only. Actual quotes will vary.

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