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Cheapest Franking Machines 2018

The cheapest franking machines offered by Royal Mail approved manufacturers are:

  • Pitney Bowes DM60
  • Neopost IS-280c
  • FP Mailing PostBase Mini
  • Frama Matrix F12.
    You can expect to pay around £15 – £30 per month to rent these machines, or between £1,000 – £1,300 to purchase one outright. As you’d expect, the cheapest franking machines are more basic in their functionality offering slower processing speeds and, generally, are not suitable for companies sending more than 50 items of mail per day.

    Manufacturer Franking Machine Processing Speed (letters per minute) Recommended Daily Volume / Postage Spend Integrated Postal Scale Capacity
    Pitney Bowes DM60 24 Up to 30 items per day 2.5kg
    Neopost IS-280c Low Up to 150 items per day 2kg
    FP Mailing PostBase Mini 24 Up to 50 items per day 2kg
    Frama Matrix F12 Low Up to 50 items per day 2-5kg

    Although designed for small businesses and home offices, these machines offer the same great postage savings and include several features designed to make mail processing easier and more efficient.

    Pitney Bowes DM60

    The DM60 is the entry level franking machine from Pitney Bowes offering a printing speed of up to 18 letters per minute. A great solution for small businesses this franking machine is recommended for companies sending up to 30 items of mail a day and gives you access to the lowest MailMark postage rates from Royal Mail. A key benefit of the Pitney Bowes DM60 is that there are no additional fees for tariff rate updates or credit top-ups which some brands do charge for. You also have access to 5 pre-loaded marketing messages and one bespoke message that can be printed on to your envelopes

    Neopost IS-280c

    The Neopost IS-280c offers an impressive volume capacity of up to 150 items per day which, for one of the cheapest franking machines, is impressive. It delivers high quality digital printing and gives you the option of up to 10 different departmental accounts. It’s incredibly simple to install and update with the latest MailMark rates and offers up to 10 custom marketing messages so you can promote your business.

    FP Mailing PostBase Mini

    FP Mailing offer the PostBase Mini for companies sending less than £500 worth of postage a month. One of the more stylish machines of the bunch, it features a 3.5” colour touchscreen and the integrated scale is available in 5 different colour options. The PostBase Mini can process up to 24 letters per minute which makes it one of the more powerful choices. Printing with a 300Dpi resolution it offers you the option to create a bespoke marketing message. The latest Royal Mail postage rates come preloaded and can be easily updated via WiFi or LAN connections.

    Frama Matrix F12

    Frama’s Matrix F12 is perfect for businesses processing up to 50 letters or parcels per day. The large touchscreen includes 18 one-touch functions, you can set up 9 cost centres to monitor your postage usage by department or user and create 3 bespoke marketing messages. Compliant with Royal Mail’s MailMark postage fees and with automatic postage recalculation, the Frama deliver high quality franking at an affordable price.

    Running Costs

    When buying or renting a franking machine on a budget remember to consider the ongoing running costs. These may well be offset by the postage savings you’ll be making with your new machine, but it’s still important to factor them into your comparison.

  • Ink cartridges vary in price depending on which model you opt for and will deliver a different number of imprints.
  • Top-up fees apply whenever you add credit to your Royal Mail account and can be as much as 5% of the amount of credit you’re adding.
  • Tariff updates are necessary to make sure your machine is using the latest prices from Royal Mail. The supplier will charge for this update so get this confirmed when comparing your quotes.
  • Servicing fees are a necessary expense as you’re required by the Royal Mail to have your machine professionally serviced on an annual basis.
  • If your business produces more than 50 items of mail per day, it may be best to consider a higher volume machine. All the manufacturers offer a range of franking machine models to suit every size of business. The cheapest medium volume machines which are capable of handling 100-1000 items of mail a day start from around £1,500, while the high volume machines will cost at least £9,000.

    Buying Guides

    Our Buying Guides will help you understand the different franking machine arrangements including leasing and purchase so you can make the right choice for your business.

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