Till Systems

Streamline customer transactions

Why use an EPOS Till System?

Efficient and intuitive, an EPOS till will perform all the functions of a traditional till and a whole lot more. You can swap human error and hours of admin for simple and accurate processes including recording sales, monitoring stock levels and managing your pricing.

    Till system

  • More efficient transactions
  • Improved customer experience
  • Total stock visibility
  • Reduced human error
  • Automated pricing
  • Targeted staff management
  • Accurate sales and stock reports
  • Integrated accounting.

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EPOS till systems are widely used by businesses of all sizes and across many sectors. From local, independent retailers with one point of sale to national restaurant chains with multiple tills at hundreds of sites there is a solution to suit. There are also hundreds of EPOS providers out there, all offering varying standards of service and quality of technology, several claiming to be the ‘best’.

The good news is that this means that somewhere out there is an ideal EPOS solution to suit your business; the not so good news is that it can be confusing to find it amongst the noise!

Where to start?

The first step is to take a good look at your business and work out what it is that you want from your EPOS till system. It may be to reduce surplus stock, increase sales, speed up transactions or monitor sales performance. Knowing the answer will help you to ask the right questions of prospective providers. How will they help you reach your business objectives? Is ongoing support available? Each provider should be able to give you a demonstration of their software or possibly provide a free, no obligation trial period so you can be sure it does everything you need it to.

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing software and hardware separately, remember that not all software is compatible with all hardware. As the functionality will come from the software it’s important you have considered this first.

Once you have a clear idea of the functionality you need, the next step is to choose your hardware and devices.

Need EPOS Prices?

Get 4 Quotes within 1 Hour

A typical EPOS till system will the include following:

  • Windows or Mac operating system (PC/tablet/smartphone)
  • Touchscreen/keyboard/barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Receipt printer
  • Card reader.

Other options include a signature pad, customer facing display, weighing scales and portable payment devices.

Often the simplest and most cost effective method is to purchase a complete system of both hardware and software from a single provider.

This cuts out possible compatibility issues and usually includes a warranty and ongoing technical support.  

Once you have your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, it will inevitably come down to the age old quality vs. cost conundrum. 

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