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What is EPOS Software?

Software functionality can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be. If you need nothing more than a system that is easy to use, processes transactions efficiently and tracks your sales, there’s a program for you. If you need software that does all this but also alerts you when your stock is below a certain level, there’s a program for you. If you need these features plus the ability to analyse sales trends, monitor staff performance, identify marketing opportunities and act as a customer engagement tool, then, you guessed it — there’s a program for that too.

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The software you choose will determine just how much you are able to achieve with your EPOS system.

While every package has its own features and benefits, here are some key examples of features to look out for:

  • Manage your inventory, set low stock warnings and identify surplus stock
  • Manage your employees by monitoring sales performance and working hours
  • Automate special offers and promotions for set time frames
  • Record customer information, improve customer relationships and plan targeted marketing campaigns
  • Analyse performance through both simple and more detailed reports
  • Integrate your accounting software with the EPOS reducing human error and saving you time when transferring sales figures
  • Introduce your branding and unique special offers on receipts and visual displays
  • Customise the transaction process by prompting staff to offer additional ‘upsells’ or complementary products before final checkout
  • Manage your business from wherever you are via a Wi-Fi connection when using a Cloud-based software package
  • Enter customer bookings and reservations directly onto the system.

Key factors such as the size and sector of your business and your business goals will impact your choice of software and the features you need. Some providers will be able to create bespoke packages based on your unique requirements.

Where to start?

If this is your first step into the world of EPOS, the simplest solution is to find a provider who can supply both the hardware and software as a package. You will be sure that compatibility won’t be an issue and they will be able to provide you with comprehensive support for the whole system. They will want to pinpoint your key problem areas and business objectives and work with you to find the solution.

Need EPOS Prices?

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However, it is possible to purchase software as a standalone product. This is a good option if you already have the hardware in place and are simply looking to upgrade, or if you are purchasing hardware from another provider.

Just remember to check the elements are compatible.

If you have multiple sites or an online sales platform then you may want to consider a Cloud based software package. This enables you to access your sales information and manage your business from any location, as long as you have internet access.

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