What could EPOS do for your restaurant?

Bookings and table management

Enabling customers to book their own tables via a website that is integrated with an EPOS system for restaurants is quick and efficient. It also means your staff aren’t tied up on the phone or with manual administration. Integrating this system with your diary and a digital table plan enables you to more effectively manage seating plans and the turnover of tables. This increased control over your dining room means you can maximise the number of tables being served at one time, quickly see where you have availability and increase the number of covers seated.

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Real time stock information

By managing stock via an EPOS system you can ensure all your staff are aware when there are only a few orders of a menu item available. With this information ahead of time they can manage customer expectations ahead of placing an order that later has to be changed. Keeping all stock information in one database also means you can monitor when produce needs to be used by and rotate menu items accordingly. This is a great way to avoid waste and over-ordering.

Taking orders

Whether your business is a sit down restaurant or a fast food takeaway, an EPOS system for restaurants can streamline the customer ordering process. Static, touchscreen points of sale can be customised to your menu so staff can quickly and accurately input orders or even take orders at the table via a tablet. In some advanced systems, customers have the ability to enter their own orders via self-service kiosks, tablets or even their own smartphone which will eliminate the opportunity for staff errors. Both staff operated and self-service devices can be customised to upsell sides, offer promotions or suggest drinks to maximise profits. Many programmes also have the functionality to edit orders and make substitutions that are communicated directly to the kitchen via printers.

Kitchen integration

Effective communication between the front of house and the kitchen staff is essential and a restaurant POS system is the ideal solution. When staff enter an order it can be simultaneously communicated to the kitchen either by display screens or via a printed receipt. This frees up your waiting staff from trips back and forth between the restaurant and kitchen meaning they have more time to focus on the customer and the kitchen can fulfil orders without delay.

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Taking payments

In addition to static Chip & Pin or contactless functionality, it’s a great idea to give your waiting staff mobile payment devices so they can take payment at the tableside. Payment apps such as Qkr!, MyCheck or Orderella that enable customers to pay via their own devices which both puts the customer in control of when they settle their bill and frees up your staff to attend to new customers. With many EPOS systems it is also possible to easily split the bill of a large group so that individuals can pay for their own order.

Promotional vouchers / loyalty scheme

Introducing a loyalty scheme is a tried and tested way to encourage repeat business and reward loyal customers. A restaurant POS system can easily automate the process and ensure you capture all the customer information you need to introduce targeted promotions.

Staff management

An EPOS system can introduce unique staff IDs so you can easily monitor hours worked and encourage accountability. By integrating this with payroll you can also calculate wages or even bonuses. Some software includes staff scheduling so you can create rotas and organise cover for the busiest periods.

Insightful reporting

Reporting via EPOS provides accurate and detailed statistics that you can use to drive your business forward. By monitoring sales of individual menu items you can make decisions about special offers, reordering stock and pricing. You can also identify your best performing staff and identify opportunities for extra training.

Restaurant EPOS in action…

Provider: The Good Till Co.

From fine cuisine to fast food, The Good Till POS is helping restaurants across the UK to run smarter, faster and more profitably. Combining style with a software capability that helps you manage bookings, stock and staff from anywhere, this iPad POS system will take both customer experience and business efficiency to another level.  

The Good Till POS for restaurants – does everything for you except make the food!

What do they do? The Good Till offers complete EPOS systems for restaurants, pubs, delis, coffee shops, fast food outlets and even outdoor food trucks.  Features include table management and delivery modules, customer bookings and orders, built-in stock management module, staff hours and performance, contactless payments, email receipts, real-time reporting features incorporated into this system can be accessed on site (including multi-sites) or remotely.

Provider: Zonal
“The unrivalled financial stability and success of Zonal has enabled the business to invest significantly in product development. We are market leaders with innovation, especially in the field of customer engagement, guest management, optimising the power of social media and digital marketing.”

What do they do?  Zonal EPoS and hospitality technology solutions are used throughout the UK in over 9,000 businesses including restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, theatre and nightclubs. Features include bookings and order-taking to food preparation, stock management and sales transactions. Zonal specialises in totally integrated EPoS, stock, kitchen and order management systems and customer loyalty retention solutions.

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