What could EPOS bring to your hospitality business?

Bookings, rooms and rates

It’s essential for any lodgings business to be able to manage bookings accurately and efficiently. A hospitality POS system will coordinate your customer bookings and give you a complete, real-time overview of availability. It could also give you the flexibility to charge per person or per room.  By integrating the system with your website you can ensure complete visibility of your business at all times.

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Many EPOS software programs can be automated so that your rates adjust automatically as occupancy levels rise or fall.  In some cases you can also set prices to automatically adjust during busier periods or events.  In addition, an EPOS system can assign all customer purchases to a room bill so, rather than making several individual payments in a restaurant or spa, they can simply settle the overall total at the end of their stay.

Integrating bars and restaurants

If your business includes a bar and/or restaurant an EPOS system is a no-brainer.  From building your own custom floor plans and menus to setting automatic price drops at specific times of day (e.g. Happy Hour) an EPOS system will improve both the efficiency and the quality of the service you can deliver.

With mobile POS devices you can take table-side orders and, with integrated printing, send orders directly to be printed in the kitchen.  Automated prompt screens during the ordering process will remind your staff to upsell or offer special promotions.

Streamlined business management

Access to a management dashboard ensures total visibility of all areas of the business e.g. room bookings, planned events, financial statistics such as profits and stock levels.

With a Cloud system you can ensure all your data, including from multiple locations, is available night and day from almost any device.

Many systems will enable you to create staff rotas using real data on the busiest periods so you can be sure you have adequate staff coverage. You can can also assign individual employee logins so only certain employees can access sensitive business information. This also means you can monitor staff check in/out times which will help you manage staff performance and keep a handle on the payroll.

Improving customer experience

Most EPOS software will include customer focused features designed to encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.  Guests who return to your hotel or make repeat visits to your restaurant can be rewarded via voucher codes.  Some systems can create branded loyalty cards or points systems.

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Where advanced hospitality POS systems really come into their own is in the potential to personalise the customer experience, particularly in terms of communication.  Emails and SMS messages can be automated to confirm bookings and provide additional information such as directions. It could even prompt them to make extra purchases like spa treatments or to pre-book a table in the restaurant.  It’s also possible to send the customer a message of thanks or ask them to review their stay.  It’s a great way to let the customer know how much you value them and is proven to result in repeat business.

Event Management

For businesses that organise or host events like conferences, weddings or lectures, EPOS software will coordinate key information such as rooms booked, menu preferences, table plans, contact information and marketing plans.  If you can keep all this information in one place it can be a goldmine in terms of future event marketing and coordination.

Hospitality EPOS in Action…

Provider: Hotel Perfect

At Hotel Perfect we don’t just sell software, we use our collective experience and our extensive knowledge of technology to bring you an all-encompassing hospitality package, delivered to you by hospitality people.

How many customers? Over 1000 hotels, resorts and spas up and down the UK from businesses with less than 10 rooms to groups with over 300 rooms and multiple sites.

What do they do? Hotel Perfect was started 20 years ago by Andrew Risely who was inspired to create software after working in his family’s hotel business in Cornwall.  “Andrew’s vision was to design a piece of software that takes the traditional and manual processes of running a hotel and puts everything into a simple to use, multi-functional program.”  The company is based in the UK and offers each client a package and pricing structure tailored to their business.

Provider: Epos Now

“Launched in 2011, Epos Now was founded on a belief that all businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their businesses. We help to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses.”

How many customers? Over 30,000 businesses

What do they do?  Epos Now provide complete, Cloud based EPOS solutions for both small and large businesses.  They are the UK’s largest EPOS provider and working with both the retail and hospitality industries.  Epos Now place particular emphasis on the simplicity of their system (which apparently takes just 15 minutes to learn how to use) and can work with any size business whether they need 1 or 1000 points of sale.

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