CRM Systems

What could a CRM System do for your business?

CRM Systems

CRM systems, or Customer Relationship Management systems, is a general term for the tools, technology and strategy a business uses to procure, manage and retain customers and / or clients. It covers the entire relationship, from initial contact with a prospect to the ongoing support you provide your customers. Thousands of companies of all sizes are turning to CRM software to drive their business forward, but what exactly is it?

At the most basic level the software will record your contacts, but the best CRM systems also have the potential to do much more besides including:

  • Keeping records of all the interactions, sales and actions associated with the customer in a single view so no detail is missed
  • Providing all departments with 24/7 access to the information to enable you to target your sales approach and provide more informed and personalised customer service
  • Tracking and segmenting customers by their stage in the buying process so you can identify the best leads, where to commit resources and any snags in the process
  • Analysing your results and using the insight to shape your future strategies.

What does your business need?

CRM software falls into three main categories: Sales, Marketing and customer Service / Support. Your business could benefit from one or all of them, but no matter what you choose to introduce it will help you to understand, engage with and convert more prospects into paying customers.