Service & Support CRM

Customer retention doesn’t happen by accident; it happens with CRM.

Service / Support CRM is the solution.

Service and support crm
Research has shown time and time again that it is far easier to retain existing customers than it is to attract new ones. If you do the job well your clients will also become brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your service, sending more business your way. So just how do you create a happy, loyal customer?

If you make a purchase or use a service, but never hear from the company again, how do you feel? At best you’re insignificant, at worst under appreciated. It would probably have to be a pretty incredible or unique service/product to stop you taking your business elsewhere next time.

A customer service / support management solution ensures that you understand, communicate with and value every one of your customers as an individual. By building relationships with customers you create repeat business and enhance your reputation, ultimately increasing sales.

How does it work?

Account management

A CRM system will hold all your customer data in one place including any previous buying history, contact details, complaints and status of the account. For a customer service team this information is invaluable when maintaining a positive relationship with your clients. It not only means that staff are knowledgeable when a customer gets in touch and can provide a personalised service, but they can also take proactive steps to engage with them.

Keeping in touch

As well as customer information a CRM system will also store all communications together. This means team members can easily pick up accounts or relationships and any interactions that have gone before. They can see which customers prefer to be contacted by email, any previous issues that have arisen and resolve problems without having to wait for other departments. If your CRM system has a calendar / diary function you can also set up reminders to contact a customer on a specific date at a specific time or to send them promotions they might be interested in.

24/7 support

A central CRM system is available to access 24/7 and, with a Cloud based solution, from any location. This means that your team can access all that crucial customer information at all times enabling them to provide better quick, informed responses. No more waiting to get back to office to check things out or keeping customers waiting. For salespeople who primarily work in face-to-face sales or attend external meetings with clients this is particularly relevant.

Rewarding customer loyalty

By tracking your relationships with customers you can identify and reward those who repeatedly give you business with promotional vouchers or incentives and encourage them to leave positive recommendations on review sites. Alternatively, you can identify customers who have registered complaints in the past and attempt to reignite a relationship by offering them discounts or special deals.

Self-service options

If your business has a website you can integrate self-service options into the CRM system. For example, an online enquiry form or online access to their account. Enabling the customer to edit their own contact details will reduce errors. If relevant it’s also a great idea to give customers the power to monitor the status of requests, complaints or orders.

Giving the customer the control should reduce the time your staff spend in administration and reduce complaints.

Insightful reporting

Analyse the value of each customer to your business and create more targeted marketing than ever before. By taking the buying habits of your customers into account you can ensure you only send the most compelling and relevant communications.