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What can CRM do for the hospitality industry?

hospitality and leisure crm system
Hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses are built on the loyalty and recommendations of their customers. It’s no longer enough simply to provide a service and ‘hope for the best’. The most successful businesses are proactively getting to know their customers and making it their priority to understand their individual needs. Only by understanding your customer can you hope to deliver a service that stands head and shoulders above your competitors.

Once upon a time, the experience that your guests or customers had began only when they set foot on your premises. You knew nothing about them other than their name and some basic contact details that were stored in your booking system. You had no idea what they were looking for from their visit and, usually, no real understanding of what they thought of it once they’d left. Today’s CRM software has changed the game.

By introducing CRM software into your business, you can access the information you need to perfect and grow your service. How? Through enhanced communications and real insight that will help you to understand your customer and exceed their expectations. By engaging with customers and maintaining a relationship you can ensure they return to your business time and time again.

Benefits of CRM for Hospitality / Leisure


Better Engagement with Guests

CRM software makes it possible to begin the customer’s experience from the very moment they’ve booked. This could be via setting up automated reservation confirmations, emails offering meals, extra experiences and services or even pre-arrival questionnaires to find out specifically what they’re looking for from their stay. For example, leisure or business, have they stayed before, do they intend to use leisure facilities or the restaurant, are they interested in local sightseeing tips or events.

Some software packages will provide you with the ability to use this information to create social profiles for each guest so that every member of staff can get a complete view of the customer and meet their needs more effectively. With this kind of information to hand the customer experience can be tailored to ensure they feel both understood and valued.

This enhanced communication doesn’t end when the guest leaves. By creating personalised emails thanking guests for using your service, or even offering them a special offer if they book again, you can ensure your brand is at the forefront of their mind. By requesting feedback or reviews of your service you can source invaluable recommendations for use in your marketing and to help you identify areas to improve.

Real-time reporting

A CRM software package will transform your booking system into a multi-channel, marketing resource. In addition to the standard guest information you can also record any communications, preferences or booking habits that will help you to more effectively market your service to your customers. Real-time reporting functionality will produce specific analysis of trends and help you to concentrate your efforts into the marketing communications that result in repeat business.

Loyalty Programme

With such detailed insight into the preferences and habits of your guests you can make sure you capitalise on the information. By integrating a loyalty scheme into your system you can incentivise guests to return time and time again. And, on the other side, you can also identify guests who have not returned. These people may respond to a request for feedback that may enable you to address areas for improvement, or perhaps a special offer would tempt them to return again.

Hospitality CRM in action…

Provider: Guestfolio

What do they do?

Guestfolio provide a specific CRM product for hoteliers designed to transform a standard booking system into a marketing resource. Features include automated emails, guest satisfaction surveys, mobile concierge, guest profiles and even offering experiences and products before the guest arrives.