What can CRM software do for a healthcare organisation?

healthcare crm
The key priority for any healthcare institution is to ensure their patients receive the best possible care. To reach the highest quality of care possible it’s often necessary to bring several experts, teams and departments together in collaboration. Communication needs to be effective and efficient in order to minimise risk to the patient and ensure access to vital data is necessary at all times. A CRM system enables all of this and more.

Across both the public and private sectors a CRM system can revolutionise the standard of care your healthcare business is able to deliver. By centralising all patient data such as medical history, treatment plans and test results multiple individuals and teams can collaborate more effectively. Crucial care decisions can be made quicker, significantly improving the patient’s experience. In addition, a CRM system can cut out time consuming and costly administration, enabling you to reduce costs and streamline operations.

Benefits of Healthcare CRM


Improved Care

A CRM system can monitor and track processes such as admissions, transfers, referrals and discharges. With access to this data it’s possible to identify delays and issues that are affecting efficiency and patient care. In addition, real time access to medical history and treatment plans reduces the risk of medical error.

Professional Collaboration

In addition to the instant communication CRM enables between internal departments and colleagues, for some patients it may be necessary to work in partnership with external health professionals or organisations such as GPs or carers. In this instance a CRM system can automate workflows and coordinate the care needed, removing the need for delays.

Proactive Patient Communication

In some cases it may be appropriate to provide patients with ongoing support and advice regarding management of a chronic condition. A CRM system can ensure that this information is communicated in the most effective way possible which could reduce the risk of a patient being readmitted. You can also request feedback from patients to inform the continuing improvement of your service.

Integrated Accounting

A CRM system can incorporate real time access to your accounts so you can track the costs of processes and resources to identify areas that can be made more cost effective.

Healthcare CRM in action…


Provider: Pega

What do they do?

Pega aim to help healthcare organisations to enhance their financial, administrative and clinical results. Patient experience is at the forefront of their solution which is suitable for a range of provisions including paid health services, government healthcare and pharmacies.