CRM for Finance

What can CRM software do for a finance business?

CRM for finance
Banks, insurers, financial advisors and investment companies are under increasing pressure to personalise their services and maintain the trust of their clients. The good news is that many of the major CRM providers have recognised this and have created the functionality the finance industry needs in order to strengthen existing client relationships, increase profitability and comply with industry regulations.

The concept of Customer Relationship Management is a perfect fit for the finance industry where client relationships are the foundation of success. The service provided is not a transaction as such but an ongoing and developing relationship based on trust. After all, you’re managing their money! The modern day client expects transparency, efficiency and exceptional service, and that’s just what CRM can deliver.

With effective CRM software in place you can establish a significant advantage over competitors. Paperwork and spreadsheets are quickly becoming a sign of a business stuck in the dark ages while the automated functionality of finance CRM can integrate and streamline every aspect of your business. The result is an enhanced service and satisfied clients that will continue to contribute to your bottom line.

Benefits of Finance CRM


Customer Focused Service

A CRM system prioritises the client and puts them firmly at the centre of your operations. By cultivating and analysing all the communications, unique details and key events or actions for each customer you can anticipate their every need. This proactive approach to the relationship displays not only a high level of professionalism but also a commitment to them as your client. As any business knows, a happy client is a loyal client and a loyal client continues to use your service.

Increased Profitability

The benefits of introducing a CRM system to your business can quickly turn into tangible profits that grow your enterprise. By creating and maintaining positive customer relationships you are directly increasing levels of both retention and, through referrals, new customer acquisition.

Improved Efficiency

The time saved by automating processes, administration and communication will have a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of your operations. A CRM system will centralise all your client data providing you with a complete and real time view of your business. And, with a mobile solution, you can access all your customer data via a mobile, tablet or laptop wherever you are.

Competitive Advantage

The financial industry is one of the most competitive. Whether it’s banking or another financial sector, the modern customer expects and demands a personalised service. This could be in the way they receive your communications, event alerts or service offers that are relevant to them. Businesses that are not equipped to deliver this will, inevitably, find themselves losing customers to competitors who can better meet their expectations.

Finance CRM in action…


Provider: Collier Pickard CRM

Collier Pickard offer a specialised CRM product for the financial industry that meets several of the key challenges associated with the industry. This includes features such as Anti-Money laundering, Know Your Customer, Security and Accessibility. They offer a mobile software package so that the CRM system can be accessed via a mobile, tablet or laptop when out meeting clients. They also offer a free consultation for companies considering adopting CRM software.