House rewire costs

if your house, bungalow or flat is old and hasn't been rewired you may find that a full or partial replacement of the existing wiring is required to ensure the safety of its residents, this is especially true if you intend to sell or rent your property.

The most common problem with old wiring is the decay of the protective insulating cover. The old cable used to have rubber as the insulator which perishes over the years and allows the wires to short-circuit. This will result in a blown fuse which when replaced will simply blow again, the worst case is that the short circuit can result in sparks and ultimately fire.

You can usually tell if wiring is old by looking at the fuse board, if you see black coloured cables entering the fuse box it may be that these are rubber covered wires that need replacing. Other signs include sockets mounted in skirting boards and an old fuse box which will also need replacing with a new consumer unit.

Approx. costs

Property Size Approx. rewire costs surface mounted. Approx rewire costs chopped in.
2 bed house £2000 £2400
3 bed house £2400 £2800
4 bed house £3200 £3400
5 bed house £4200 £4400
2 bed bungalow £1800 £2200
3 bed bungalow £2300 £2600
4 bed bungalow £3000 £3200
5 bed bungalow £4000 £4200
Prices are indicative only and will vary based on property size, whether it's occupied or not, floor types, access restrictions and how many physical sockets / switches are required. Prices do not include plastering or decoration.

DIY house rewire

Apart from some types of minor electrical work installations must be either reported to local authority building control or be carried out by an electrician registered with a competent person scheme. Any work must comply with Part P of the building regulations which were introduced to protect consumers from dangerous and potentially lethal electrical installations. If you're considering a DIY rewire it is highly recommended that to comply with the complex codes and regulations that major electrical work such as a complete house rewiring is left to the services of an accredited and competent electrician. Youc an get a quote from Builder Guide for a house rewire.